Why You Shouldn’t Give Kids Homework

Parents and teachers could probably take both sides of the argument as to why students should or should not get homework. For many generations, kids have had to finish their homework before class the next day or have a pretty good reason why they didn’t. This article takes a look at some of the reasons why homework is not always the right solution for every child.

Why Homework Isn’t Always Productive

The Stress Factor

The school day typically ends sometime between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm. That leaves about three hours of the day for kids to enjoy their after-school activities. It might be a game or practice, a club activity, or just spending time with their friends. For some children, it’s difficult enough to fit everything in without having to worry about doing homework. When a kid has to come home to do a lot of homework, it can be a very stressful experience for them and the whole family. At a point when a child is stressed about doing homework, they probably will not get much out of it anyway.

The Social Factor

No matter what their personality type, children need to interact with other people. Learning to socialize and communicate with other people is part of growing up. It’s an education within itself, and children need to have the time to grow in that area. Certainly, a good teacher will allow their students to express themselves in the classroom, but the environment is more regimented and disciplined. The more ways a child can develop their social skills, the better they tend to do in other areas of their lives. Depending on the age of a student, most homework assignments include spending time in front of a computer screen. Many adults would agree that today’s kids do enough of that already.

The Family Factor

It’s important for kids to spend quality time with their own family and extended family. They should also learn to take on some responsibilities at home, such as doing small chores around the house. Older kids sometimes rush off to their room to “do my homework”, and parents do not always have a chance to find out what they are even learning in school. If their child is a good student and gets good grades, maybe parents don’t have to worry as much. But, if their kid is struggling to keep up in class, most parents are rightfully concerned. They want to have enough time to interact with their children in a meaningful way. That’s just as valuable, and perhaps much more so, a learning experience for their children than having a stack of homework to do. Even their older siblings can help make learning fun for youngsters.

So, it’s probably prudent to say that children need a balanced life as much as adults do. Life skills can be developed in a variety of ways, and parents know what’s best for their own children. Kids should not ever feel overwhelmed with so much homework, but parents should ensure that they are prepared for class, so they do not fall behind. If you are interested in learning more about caring for children, you can always take child care courses in Sydney.

Having little or no homework shouldn’t mean that kids do not have to spend time studying! They should be encouraged to study and maybe even spend some time at the library. Kids want to feel good about themselves. There is a feeling of accomplishment when they study and get a great grade on their tests. It’s the same type of learning experience as practicing to get better at a sport. It’s never too early or too late to encourage them to discover their interests and learn as much as possible. 

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